Home Depot of Lebanon is one of the primary patrons in the ceramics and sanitary market in Lebanon. For more than 40 years the company has dedicated itself targeting the needs of customers by setting standards for design and quality. It is a valuable partner to architects, developers, builders, interior designers as well as to individuals.


Meeting the demand and budget of all customers, Home Depot of Lebanon is known for its complete range of high quality products offered and displayed in its headquarter branch of 4000 square meters showroom in Haret Hreik Al Aried Street. The company has another branch of 650 square meters showroom in Badaro.


Home depot of Lebanon is a representative agent in Lebanon for several international companies in Italy, Spain, Japan, Turkey and China.
 Innovation, customer satisfaction policy, and professional experience encourage Home Depot of Lebanon to constantly update its products and services in order to boost the performance beyond the expectations of customers.


Our main mission is to help all classes of clients finish credible and recognizable projects with competitive prices while striving to provide exceptional customer service.